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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Today Naughty Passions celebrates a man in uniform!

How'd you like to come home to this? Oh boy!

Is there anything sexier than a man in uniform? NO!

A different kind of uniform!

Handsome hunky firemen! Yummy

From "Silver Ties"...

"Hello, Mr. Detective. Mr. Teak asked me to bring this to you," she said, holding out another cup of coffee. Cassidy took it from her.

"Thank you very much," he said. He could tell that the empty headed girl wanted to stay and flirt, as she blinked her eyelashes at him.

"Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, Mr. Detective," she said, tossing another flirtatious smile his way before making a great show out of turning gracefully on the tall heels and swinging her little bubble butt as she waltzed out the door. Cassidy snorted as the conference room door closed and he turned back to where the folder lay on the table. As he walked back, he noticed the monitor where Teak had been working. At the top of the screen, there was the wording "live feed" and what Cassidy saw made him stop and stare. On the screen was a room with a naked man tied to a large cross. He was cuffed at the wrists and at the ankles and stood straight, leaning back against the cross. His neck was circled with a thick bicycle type chain which had a large padlock on it, hanging between his pecs. The man was not particularly old or good looking, but judging by his erection, he was extremely turned on by being bound to the large leather contraption.

A tall man dressed in assless leather chaps and a leather thong, covering an impressive bulge, circled him. The man was masked and wore thigh high black boots. He repeatedly slapped a cat-o-nine tails against the right boot as he circled. From his build and the impressive body, Cassidy was certain that he had to be Zachary Teak. He'd watched his lips enough to be able to identify them by now. Fascinated, he watched as Teak leaned in close and spoke into the sub's ear. The sub nodded and the Dom stepped back, raising his arm and letting the cat fall on the man's stomach. The sub immediately began to whimper and beg, but the Dom was relentless, lifting the cat and hitting him over and over, all over the front of his thighs and his stomach and chest. Soon the man's skin began to turn pink and Cassidy could see that he had tears running down his face, though he never lost his erection.

Cassidy was shocked when the Dom stopped what he was doing and leaned close to the man, touching the side of his cheek with his palm and caressing the sub, seeming to sooth him. To Cassidy, it looked almost gentle, so different than the way the Dom had treated him only moments before. The sub seemed to calm at the Dom's touch, and he offered the larger man a smile as he canted his head and closed his eyes, leaning into the caress. Teak didn't let the touch go on for very long, though. He dropped his hand and stepped back, but not before leaning in and speaking again into the man's ear. The man smiled and nodded eagerly. Cassidy was stunned when Teak raised the cat-o-nine-tails and let the first blow fall over the man's cock. The man cried out in obvious pain and Cassidy winced, for the first time, feeling his own hard cock bob within the tight confines of his suit pants. It was the most frightening and exciting thing that Cassidy had ever seen. Cassidy reached down and fingered his large erection, repositioning it so that he was more comfortable. The urge to stroke himself off was strong.

Cowboys in uniform!

Gorgeous Rogan Richards in uniform!

Sexy studs in Navy dress...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Boys and their toys and a hot excerpt on today's Naughty Passions!

I want you to fear me!

Now... are you ready to behave, boy?

A morning's work out!


That's right, boy. Lick those boots!

From "Con" Master's Boys (Book Six)

Master Isaac was probably one of the sexiest men he’d ever known and being bedded by him was going to be amazing. He bent down and put his head and chest onto the bed and watched as his master picked up the lube. A second later he heard the huge bottle snick open and then the tube dropped onto the bed. Only a moment passed before he felt a long finger press into him and the familiar burn began.

“This is a warming lube, and I am going to insert the nozzle into you and squeeze a large amount into you so that it will squish out of you as you writhe around on this plug while I use my wax on you. I want you to feel just what a nasty sub I know you are, boy.” 

Con’s cock pounded with lust and arousal shot through him.

“Yes, Master. I am your nasty sub,” he moaned. He felt the finger being removed and then a strange feeling of something hard pushing into him right before a feeling of extreme slipperiness. It felt so decadent and for a moment he thought in horror that he’d soiled himself.

“Uh uh, boy. Don’t move. I don’t want this lube to escape just yet. I still have to insert your plug. Con felt him remove the nozzle, and to his embarrassment, he felt a large drop of lube slide down his ball sack and drip off onto the bed. A second later, a huge slap landed on one butt cheek and Con gasped at the pain and surprise. “Keep your lube inside you, bad boy!” Master Isaac growled.

“Yes, Sir. I’m very sorry, Sir.”

“As you should be, you disobedient sub,” Sir told him. A moment later, he felt the warmth in his ass as the lube began to heat. The feeling was strange, but he clenched his sphincter tightly so that he wouldn’t lose any more lube. Master Isaac began inserting the plug and sighed.

“How do you expect me to insert this plug? Loosen up!” Master said, slapping the other ass cheek. Con gasped and felt the plug being pushed in even harder. As it reached the hilt, stretching him, another bunch of lube squished out. He had never been more ashamed in his life.

“Look at you, disobedient submissive,” Master I said, clucking his tongue. “You can’t even keep your lube inside. Now move to the middle of the bed on your back and splay your arms and legs so that I can tie you. You will need restraint for what I have planned, boy.” Con leapt to comply, hard and horny and excited for the next step in this job interview. He couldn’t believe his luck in landing this job. He was getting paid to fuck and be fucked. He instantly moved to the middle of the bed and widened his legs and arms. His Sir tied him deftly and quickly. When he tugged at the lavender silken cords, he knew that there was no way that he could escape them unless he was given mercy by his Dom.


Anal hooks!

Dressing the part!

Wax play!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

In honor of "Demonstrated Kill" coming later this month... Cop Fantasies!!!

Love the hat!

What every cop should look like... topless with shades that disguise where he's looking!

Oh yes, Officer!

Ready for that motorcycle cop?

From "Silver Bullets" Cop fantasies!

“I am fifteen years older than you Michael.”

“And sexy as hell.” Michael reached up and ran his fingers through Tyler’s salt and pepper hair. “Look at those fucking muscles. God, you are one hot cop, babe.” Michael groaned as he touched Tyler’s hairy chest.

“It’s sexy, you all dressed up in your uniform. I love it when I see you with your badge pinned to your belt, knowing that you carry a gun and that you are so fucking powerful and strong under that suit.” Michael ran his hands through Tyler’s chest hair as Tyler crawled over him and straddled his hips, letting their cocks touch. Tyler grinned down at him, knowing from the twinkle in Michael’s eyes that many men had cop fantasies. Tyler wondered if he was a fantasy for his young lover. He reached down and circled both of Michael’s wrists in his large hands, drawing them over his head as he leaned down to take charge of Michael’s mouth. He kissed him long and deep, learning his mouth well, until Michael humped him and groaned.

“You got cop fantasies Michael?” Tyler growled. Michael nodded his head vigorously and bit his lower lip.

“Fuck yeah,” he panted.

“Want me to handcuff you and force you to suck my dick, scumbag? Lick my hot hole and fuck you hard against the bars? Huh scum, that what you want?” Michael was clearly into Tyler’s dirty cop talk and the whole role playing fantasy. He was whimpering and grinding his leaking rock hard erection against Tyler’s.

“Stop manhandling me cop! I’ll have your badge!” Michael screamed. Tyler’s dick throbbed. A second later, he was flipping Michael over on the bed, putting a knee in his back as he leaned over to pull his handcuffs out of his jacket pocket. Michael writhed below him as Tyler cuffed his hands behind his back. Michael laid face first on the sheet, grinding his dick against the bed.

“Shut up, scumbag!” Tyler flipped him back over and took Michael by the hair, making him look him in the face to make sure this was okay with him. The lust that lit his eyes was clear. Tyler found himself pushing Michael to his knees. “Put that pretty mouth to good use and suck my big cock.” Tyler stood on the bed and widened his legs, forcing his cock roughly into Michael’s mouth. Michael gagged as it hit the back of his throat.

“That’s right, suck me! I love face-fucking punks like you!” Michael groaned again and swallowed as deeply as he could, giving Tyler the friction he needed on the roller-coaster ride to orgasm. Fucking Evie had always been a gentle affair. Tyler would have never been able to play out this fantasy with her. He probably would have frightened her to death. Precome was dripping onto the sheets from Michael’s cock which was standing high and thick against his belly. He was obviously not frightened, even after his brush with violence tonight. Tyler was so turned on, watching Michael’s mouth sucking him in deeply, that he was already edging his orgasm. He fisted Michael’s hair harder and slammed in and out of Michael’s mouth.

“You like it don’t you man-whore? You like being forced by a big tough man like me.” Michael whimpered sexily, his eyes tightly shut. Tyler could barely hold on. “You’re gonna get a mouth full of my spunk scumbag! If you don’t swallow every drop, I’m gonna grudge-fuck that tight little ass that you’ve been wiggling around me! Yeah? You like that, punk?” Tyler’s orgasm began in the small of his back, tingling through his whole body as Michael rolled his tongue up and down his length, using just a tiny bite of his teeth to draw out his climax.

“Fuck yeah!” Tyler screamed and went wild, jamming his cock in one last time and holding Michael’s head tight against him as he shot his come deeply in to his young lover’s mouth. Michael groaned and screamed around Tyler’s cock as he attempted to swallow every drop of Tyler’s enormous load. Tyler felt wetness hit his feet, and he looked all the way down to the sheet to see Michael’s cock going off like a rocket, spraying rope after rope of sticky hot come all over the place. It was the hottest thing that Tyler had ever seen. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Michael hadn’t even touched his own cock.

“Fuck Michael! Fuck!” Tyler sighed in awe. “You are the hottest mother-fucker on the planet.” Michael looked up at Tyler, continuing to suck and swallow his spunk. Tyler let go of Michael’s hair and slowly pulled out of his mouth. Michael smiled up at him as Tyler dropped to the bed, reaching for his jacket to get the handcuff keys. He moved behind Michael and removed the cuffs, coming back around and connecting with Michael’s mouth as he kissed him deeply, massaging his lover’s wrists where the cuffs had reddened the skin.

Yes, Officer... anything you say!

OMG! That is all...

My fantasy couple! Woof!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"King Louis!" Drag queens and cross dressers dedicated to my Wes!...on today's Naughty Passions!!!

So top heavy!

From "Heath" "Invitation Only" Book Three...

Ricky rushed up to Micah and gave him a big hug as soon as he walked in. “Are you excited, Micah?” he asked, squeezing both his biceps as he held him out at arm’s length.

Micah could see that trying to fool Ricky wouldn’t be possible. The man was intelligent and he would be able to spot a lie a mile away. He grinned again. “Yes, very much. I’m so nervous though,” he blurted.

 “Honey child, that is normal,” Mams said, coming up behind Ricky and reaching out to pull Micah into his arms. Micah allowed himself to relax against the huge drag queen’s chest as he hugged him back. After kissing the top of Micah’s head, Mams set him back. He was still grinning and his stunningly perfect white teeth practically glowed in his dark face. “Now, let’s get you into your pretty clothes and make you a star!”
Micah grinned. He understood why Ricky loved Mams so much. He was one of the nicest men he’d ever met and he had a heart of gold that was as big as the state of Texas. Micah grabbed his costume off the rack, biting his lower lip as he saw Greg’s barely-there Miley Cyrus costume hanging on the rack. It looked like the one she’d worn during her infamous MTV Video Awards appearance, a tiny flesh colored two piece and a large foam finger that she’d used to simulate sex with Alan Thicke while she twerked. Micah smiled, remembering the outrageous performance that had every soccer mom in America covering their little darling’s eyes. He felt a stone in the pit of his stomach as he wondered just where the hell Greg was. He’d dressed and was sitting down at the vanity putting on the last of his makeup with Mams fussing over his hair when Greg burst into the room. Ricky, Mams, and Micah all looked up from their spots in front of the long vanity in surprise. Micah’s heart sank further as he realized that Greg was not acting like himself at all
“Oh my, there you are,” Greg said loudly. He seemed to sway a bit on his feet and Micah rose from his seat as Mams stepped back from him with a comb in his hand. “Oh, Micah, love, can you help me? I know I don’t have to be on until last but I am running late,” he said, flopping down into a chair and leaning forward to frown at his reflection. “Oh dear! Look at these bags.”

Micah stood behind him and hesitantly lifted his hands, placing them on Greg’s shoulders to draw his gaze upward so that he could look him in the eye in the mirror. “Um, Greg. You are scheduled to go on second, after my opening set. I wasn’t certain you were even going to make it.” He leaned down and whispered into Greg’s ear, embarrassment flooding through him. 

“Where in the hell have you been?”

Greg picked up a makeup sponge, ignoring Micah’s question, and began applying foundation over the sweat running down his face. Micah saw a melting disaster about to happen so he took the sponge away from Greg and crouched down, picked up cleanup wipes, and began taking off the makeup and sweat. Greg frowned at him in the mirror but closed his eyes and let Micah begin his makeup. Greg continued to sweat and it was then Micah noticed that his whole body had become clammy. Only three things, in Micah’s experience, caused sweating like that: exertion, illness, or drugs. Micah’s heart sank even lower. He’s back on that shit… Well, I’m not putting up with it this time. He can decide to get clean or not but either way, I’m not staying. He’s had his last warning with me so he’d just better damn well forget it.

Greg seemed to relax a bit and with a little work, Micah was able to get him made up as well as possible. The sweat was still leaking out of his pores but there wasn’t much Micah could do about it. He got Greg dressed with Mams's help and stood back checking him out as he preened in the mirror. The Miley outfit was very tight in the bottom and it had taken Micah several minutes to get Greg tucked up between his legs so the bulge in front wasn’t noticeable. Micah usually had great confidence in Greg. Generally he put on a great show and was well liked by the audience. Now, all Micah could do was hope.

Ricky walked over to them. He looked absolutely stunning in his tight Barbara Streisand costume from when she’d released her Superman album back in the seventies. The tight white T-shirt with the yellow, red, and black Superman logo on the front, tiny white shorts, white tube socks with red and yellow stripes, and white Keds looked adorable on the small performer. Ricky wore a bright-red wig that had curls bouncing down his shoulders. He smiled as he patted Micah on his shoulder.

“Sweetie, you’re on,” he said.

Micah looked over, looking dazzling in his Liza outfit. He blushed and wrung his hands, straightening and then turning to check his look in the full-length mirror in the playroom.

“You look adorable. Now, get out there and break a leg.”

Fabulous! At its best!

Getting you ready...

My green girl!