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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hot scenes from "Silver Ties" this week on Naughty Passions...

Let me chain you!

From "Silver Ties" audio...

"Hello, Mr. Detective. Mr. Teak asked me to bring this to you," she said, holding out another cup of coffee. Cassidy took it from her.

"Thank you very much," he said. He could tell that the empty-headed girl wanted to stay and flirt, as she blinked her eyelashes at him.

"Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, Mr. Detective," she said, tossing another flirtatious smile his way before making a great show out of turning gracefully on the tall heels and swinging her little bubble butt as she waltzed out the door. Cassidy snorted as the conference room door closed and he turned back to where the folder lay on the table. As he walked back, he noticed the monitor where Teak had been working. At the top of the screen, there was the wording "live feed" and what Cassidy saw made him stop and stare. On the screen was a room with a naked man tied to a large cross. He was cuffed at the wrists and at the ankles and stood straight, leaning back against the cross. His neck was circled with a thick bicycle type chain which had a large padlock on it, hanging between his pecs. The man was not particularly old or good looking, but judging by his erection, he was extremely turned on by being bound to the large leather contraption.

A tall man dressed in assless leather chaps and a leather thong, covering an impressive bulge, circled him. The man was masked and wore thigh high black boots. He repeatedly slapped a cat-o-nine tails against the right boot as he circled. From his build and the impressive body, Cassidy was certain that he had to be Zachary Teak. He'd watched his lips enough to be able to identify them by now. Fascinated, he watched as Teak leaned in close and spoke into the sub's ear. The sub nodded and the Dom stepped back, raising his arm and letting the cat fall on the man's stomach. The sub immediately began to whimper and beg, but the Dom was relentless, lifting the cat and hitting him over and over, all over the front of his thighs and his stomach and chest. Soon the man's skin began to turn pink and Cassidy could see that he had tears running down his face though he never lost his erection.

Cassidy was shocked when the Dom stopped what he was doing and leaned close to the man, touching the side of his cheek with his palm and caressing the sub, seeming to sooth him. To Cassidy, it looked almost gentle, so different than the way the Dom had treated him only moments before. The sub seemed to calm at the Dom's touch, and he offered the larger man a smile as he canted his head and closed his eyes, leaning into the caress. Teak didn't let the touch go on for very long, though. He dropped his hand and stepped back, but not before leaning in and speaking again into the man's ear. The man smiled and nodded eagerly. Cassidy was stunned when Teak raised the cat-o-nine-tails and let the first blow fall over the man's cock. The man cried out in obvious pain and Cassidy winced, for the first time, feeling his own hard cock bob within the tight confines of his suit pants. It was the most frightening and exciting thing that Cassidy had ever seen. Cassidy reached down and fingered his large erection, repositioning it so that he was more comfortable. The urge to stroke himself off was strong.

Posing him!

Holding him down!

Punish him!

Electro Play!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kisses and a hot excerpt from "The Thief" coming Feb 28th on today's Naughty Passions!

Ginger kisses!

Silver Kisses and nipple rings!

Kisses from "The Thief" Feb. 28th, 2015

“I don’t want you here, Ranger. I never wanted a bodyguard,” he sneered. His face was angry and for some reason Ranger couldn’t fathom, Landry’s defiance turned Ranger on in a bad way.

“Yes you do. You not only want a bodyguard, you want me,” he said in his most dangerous voice.

“Wh… what?” Landry stuttered. He stared deeply into Ranger’s eyes and Ranger read the spark of desire as his expression transformed with surprise. When Landry lowered his gaze to Ranger’s lips, Ranger’s dick hardened.

Ranger suddenly felt like a large cat looking down at the juicy mouse he’d just captured for his lunch. He unwound his fingers from Landry’s sweatshirt and placed both hands flat on the door boxing him in as he closed the space between their bodies. He felt Landry’s erection through his sweatpants the moment their groins touched. Ranger grinned. “Yeah,” he breathed, that’s what I thought.” A second later he dove down on Landry’s mouth, stealing his breath. Something primal was unleashed in Ranger as his inner beast stood up and roared. Landry gasped into his mouth and Ranger swooped in with his tongue, tasting the delectable man for the first time. He brought their bodies even closer, pinning Landry against the door as he devoured his mouth, loving the way Landry reciprocated with his own tongue as if he couldn’t get enough of Ranger.

Ranger was now rock hard and he could feel every inch of Landry’s own cock against his. The thin fabric of the shorter man’s sweatpants left little to the imagination and when he began to grind against Ranger, he almost lost it. Ranger heard Landry groan but as the vibrations of his growls got louder in his own ears, he realized it wasn’t Landry who was making the sounds; it was him. Ranger feasted on Landry’s mouth, stealing his breath as he was left helpless when Landry’s arms surrounded his back, pulling him even closer.

“My God!” Landry gasped as Ranger broke their kiss and stared down at him. Ranger’s own breathing was ragged as his cock pounded against the buttons of his Levi 501’s, screaming to be set free. Landry’s glasses were fogged and Ranger wanted to laugh but he wanted to see Landry’s magnificent golden eyes even more. He reached up with both hands and took hold of the nerdy glasses, drawing them up and setting them on top of Landry’s dark head. When he was finally able to gaze directly down into the smaller man’s eyes, he felt his cock throb. Son-of-a-bitch, you’re gorgeous. He framed Landry’s face with both hands and dove in for another kiss, sinking into it as hunger for the younger man nearly drove him mad, kissing him back.

Their tongues warred for dominance as Landry relentlessly kissed him, writhing his lower body against Ranger. There was nowhere for him to go with Landry’s back pressed against the door and the more Ranger kissed him, the more desperate he became. Precome wet the front of his jeans as he ground his cock against the steel hard ridge in Landry’s sweats. Ranger knew if he let the kiss go on, he was going to drag Landry the few feet to the bed and ravage him. Ranger finally pulled back as Landry reluctantly let go of his lips. As he glared down the few inches at him, Ranger’s thoughts warred with how desperately he wanted Landry and yet how wrong he knew it would be to fuck his enigmatic employer. 

Trey and Aiden from Corbin Fisher, my favorite kissing couple!

Desperately in love!

Morning Wood!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hot XXX on today's Naughty Passions and a sexy excerpt from "The Thief"

A messy finish!

Use that mouth!

A sexy virgin excerpt from "The Thief" Coming Feb. 28th...

“Look at my cock, Landry. What do you think?” He bucked his hips and slid his cock harder in Landry’s grip. “It feels better than you can possibly imagine.”

Landry looked back down at his cock and just the fact that he was staring at his lover’s hard dick, had him excited beyond measure. Ranger smiled and looked at him.

“You like it?” Landry asked, hoping against hope he was giving Ranger pleasure.

“Tighten your grip, Landry. I like it really hard, the rougher the better, baby.” His words came out in a husky voice Landry barely recognized but when Landry tightened his grip and stroked him harder, Ranger shuddered. Damn if it isn’t sexy trying to please him.

“Yeah… baby, like that…” Ranger hissed his encouragement. Landry bit his tongue, watching as Ranger’s long thick cock slid through his fists. He was so thick, Landry’s thumb and fingertips couldn’t even touch as he wrapped the large dick but he kept stroking him as hard as he could. Suddenly, Ranger put his hands back on Landry’s wrists, stilling his hands. Landry met his gaze instantly. His eyes were filled with lust. “Okay, enough, honey. Get on your hands and knees. It’ll be easier,” Ranger growled.

Landry blinked at him. “I thought you said I could ride you.” He cocked his head to the side and Ranger suddenly grinned at him.

“So I did. Okay, we’ll try that, Landry,” Ranger swung his leg off and laid back on the bed beside Landry as he scrambled to climb over Ranger’s legs. Ranger grabbed his hips, and Landry watched his own dick bobbing over Ranger’s. “Come on up a little,” the bodyguard said. Landry complied and moved up until he was straddling Ranger’s dick. He suddenly felt the tip of Ranger’s thick dick sliding through his butt cheeks and up against his tight hole.

“Wait, didn’t you say you were going to stretch me?” Landry asked, nearly in a panic. He felt his eyes widen with fear.

“A little, sweetheart. Don’t worry. I’m gonna make it so good you won’t even realize it. Now bend down here and kiss me.” Ranger’s sweetness was killing him. Landry leaned down as Ranger reached between them and grabbed his slick dick, coating his fingers with lube. 

Giving a whole new meaning to the wrestling hold!

Can you take all of me?

I love the look on his face!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Today's Naughty Passions... A salute to the ass and an incredible Excerpt from "The Thief"!!!

Amazing bubble butt!

Now that's the kind of push ups I like!

From "The Thief" Marine Bodyguards (Book Two)

When Landry pulled away from his mouth and groaned, Ranger said, “You’re doing so beautiful, baby… you’re so tight and hot…” Ranger thrust upward again and Landry gasped.

“Oh my God, Ranger. It burns,” Landry groaned.

Ranger didn’t let up. Instead he kept pushing up into Landry. “It’s okay, baby. Just a little more and I’ll be deep inside you. I know it hurts,” he said. He reached out and grabbed Landry’s leaking dick in his hand and Landry hissed out another breath.

“God, Ranger, I don’t think I can take it,” Landry said the last on another groan.

“That’s it, lover. I’m inside. Can you feel me?” Ranger asked. Landry’s felt his brow crease as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

“Yes, Ranger…” He dropped his chin to his chest. “So deep… ah… ah…”

Ranger pulled out halfway and Landry felt him almost deliberately slide back down, burying himself inside Landry’s ass to the very hilt, repeating the motion several times until Landry suddenly felt his orgasm approach. He kept his gaze trained on Ranger’s features. He had two bright red flags of color on his cheeks and he’d begun to sweat. Landry was now panting with his lips open slightly when suddenly he felt his eyes fly open wide. “I’m gonna come, Ranger! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Landry cried.

Ranger pumped his dick harder in his fist and a second later white come shot out of the tip of his cock in an arc, hitting Ranger’s neck and collar bone. Ranger chuckled as Landry shot and he stoked him harder, milking him through his orgasm as more come coated his gorgeous wide tatted chest in long white ropes. Landry felt his body clamp down on Ranger’s dick as he watched his come splash all over him. 

Clean and Ready!

Ready that ass with a plug!

What do you think of my ass?

Butts in Uniform!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On Today's Naughty Passions... Kisses, inspired by my twins Gabriel and Michael in "Dallas"!

From "Dallas" Twin Kisses!

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there, Dallas,” Gabriel said sweetly. He smiled at Dallas and Dallas flushed red, remembering how gorgeous the man had been feeding his beautiful cock into Worth’s throat and then coming all over his face. He reached down to cover his cock which had begun to fill the moment he’d seen Gabriel again.

“Yeah, I was just finishing up here,” Dallas said, feeling stupid as his hard-on began to grow under the Dom’s scrutiny. Down boy!

Michael nodded, a frown on his hard face as he barely acknowledged Dallas’s presence before turning back to his brother and drawing him into his arms. “Take your shower and then come back to the room. I want to go over some things Phoenix told me after my scene,” he said to his brother.
Gabriel barely had time to nod before Michael had both of his hands in Gabriel’s long blond curls drawing his lips to his own. Dallas went still, afraid to even breathe as he watched the twins engage in one of the hottest sexually-charged kisses he’d ever seen. Gabriel’s arms wrapped his brother’s broad back and the two men went at each other with abandon and Dallas was suddenly floored… absolutely positive they had done this many times before.

With open mouths, sucking tongues, and sensual abandon, the twins kissed each other so passionately, Dallas found his cock fully hard, regardless of the fact they were in the same room. He knew there was no way to stop the arousal he felt as he watched the two sexy brothers devour each other. It was a full minute before the two separated and with their foreheads pressed together, eyes gazing at one another, Michael said something to Gabriel which only his brother could hear. Gabriel’s face lit with a smile and he nodded before pecking Michael’s lips again and pulling out of his embrace. Michael turned one last time and, nodding curtly in Dallas’s direction, he spun on his heels and walked out of the room. 

Daddy Kisses!

Farm boy Kisses!

Dirty Kisses!

Young kisses!