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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

In honor of my Italian release "Inseguendo Deuce" (Chasing Deuce)... we have threesomes today on the NP!

You can purchase "Chasing Deuce" at http://www.amazon.com/Chasing-Deuce-Patricia-Logan-ebook/dp/B00F9AJHLE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417733432&sr=8-1&keywords=chasing+deuce+logan

The work day!

Three is better than two!

Line up boys!

Nothing sexier than two tongues on a cock!

From "Chasing Deuce"...

"Jesus Christ," Deuce moaned. "Colt, he has fuckin' nipple rings! Look at these tats!" Colt moved around the front of Slade's much larger body and stared at a solid wall of incredible ripped muscle.
Slade knew what Colt was seeing and he watched his face closely as Colt made his journey of discovery. Slade's entire pectoral area was covered with the most beautiful body art. On the right chest, a screaming eagle with a brightly waving American flag was emblazoned. The tattoo continued on over his shoulder and across the back of his neck as a line of bold red, white, and blue stars connected the tattoo over his other shoulder. On his left chest was tattooed an angry skull with yellow and orange flames shooting out of the back of its head. Another flag was emblazoned with the letters "USA" in the background. At the end of each pebbled nipple sat a barbell piercing with spiked ends. Without any hesitation Colt lowered his head, took one piercing between his teeth, and tugged. Slade gasped in pleasure and at the same time, he felt two large hands at the back of his knees. He looked past Colt's head to find Deuce kneeling at his feet. He heard another moan.

"Colt, look!" Slade felt Colt's mouth leave his wet nipple and watched as he sunk to the ground beside Deuce. Deuce was holding Slade's long cock in his hand and stroking it.
"What the fuck is that?" Colt asked. A single ball was visible at the end of Slade's cock. Underneath the thick head was another ball. It wasn't a horseshoe shaped Prince Albert piercing. It was something neither man had seen before. "It's called a Prince Albert Wand. It has a one-inch rod attached to the ball at the end of my cock that is threaded up inside me. It gives me a little sting when I fuck and it gives you a nice ride. Both partners are guaranteed a better screw." Slade chuckled wickedly.

"Fuck," both of the men said in unison. "That's so fuckin' hot, Slade," Colt added. A moment later Colt's mouth surrounded the head of Slade's cock and Slade lowered both hands to the blond head that he was so fond of. Slade slid as much of the thick cock into Colt's mouth as he could. He was a very large man and few could take him. He cared little, however; having Colt on his knees, submissive to him, was a fantasy come true. He absently registered the fact that Deuce had risen from the floor and moved away. A moment later Slade felt hands at his back and heard the familiar snick of the lube bottle. He wasn't surprised when he felt the thick fingers of the cowboy slide between his ass cheeks.

Vintage threesomes!

Threesomes and double penetration!

A lovely dream!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

On Today's Naughty Passions.... Step into my playroom!


From "Kaden" Master's Boys (Book 3)

“Ahh! Oh, God, it hurts, Sir!” the sub said.
“As I want it to,” Master R said. He touched the boy’s thigh with the wand and again the boy cried out.
“God, Sir!”

“You have your words, boy. Use them if you need to or I will continue.”

“Yes, Sir. Please continue, Sir.”

“Good boy,” the Dom praised, touching the weights and making them swing, pulling the boy’s scrotum down again. Zack knew how painful it was. One thing that he had learned early on in the BDSM scene, was that in order to be a responsible Dom, he would have to try out all the toys that he used on his subs. Only then, could he gauge how much it hurt to have a toy used on him. He hadn’t liked most of the Dom’s playthings but then, he was not into pain himself. Giving it was much more fun than getting it, as far as Zack was concerned but that’s what made him the perfect Dom. On the other side of the glass Kaden cried out as Master R applied the wand again and then again. His skin was pink where the wand had touched.

“I’m going to untie some of these ropes boy. When I do, it’s going to hurt. I want you to breathe through it. You will be just fine but you must relax, focus your thoughts and you will get through it,” the Dom said.

“Yes, Master,” Kaden panted. “I understand.” Zack watched as Master R reached down and removed the weights. He saw the sub visibly relax as the tension was taken away. Master Rob moved behind the cross and began to work the ropes and as he did so, Kaden lifted his head and stared out through the glass at Zack and Cassidy. His tiny nod told Zack that he’d registered their presence. Master R stepped back around and began unwinding the ropes. Red lines showed on the boy’s skin as the silken Shibari ropes fell away. Kaden began to pant and Zack knew that the blood was returning to the areas where it had been cut off.

“God, Sir, it hurts!” he whimpered. Rob nodded.

“Yes boy, breathe through it.” Zack watched as the boy took several deep breaths concentrating on his breathing. He could almost see the boy fall into his subspace as he made the transition out of his own body to deal with the pain. Master Rob ran his palm down Kaden’s abused abdominals, petting him over the red marks that crisscrossed his belly. Kaden’s cock was still hard as a rock as Master R began to remove the ropes tying it up against his belly so prettily.

Now you have to wait until I tell you different!

Someone has been a bad bad boy!

Bend over, boy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today's Naughty Passions honors that favorite of all assets! HOLY COW!

A twink with a surprise!

Good morning!

I got nothin'!

Don't dislocate his jaw!

From "The Superstar" coming Nov. 25th, 2014

“Holy shit, is that the time? We slept late.” Taz asked, looking suddenly serious.

Storm looked over to the clock on the bedside table. It read twelve noon. Dammit. Storm remembered he had promised to call his business manager Anthony back.

“I need to take a quick shower and call my business manager,” Storm said, standing up and reaching for the sweats Taz had ripped off of him the night before. Taz walked to the bedroom door near where his T-shirt lay in a heaping pile and he had just stooped to pick it up when the door flew open and Rebecca walked in, balancing a silver tray on one hand with her other hand on the doorknob.

“Ayee! Dios Mio!” she screamed, catching sight of the huge man in front of her as she carried a breakfast tray piled high with pancakes, syrup, a bud vase, and orange juice. Her forward momentum would prove to be both their undoing’s because she probably couldn’t have stopped if she wanted to. As if in slow motion, Storm watched as Taz straightened to his full height, holding the towel in place with one hand and his sweats with the other. As the tray holding Storm’s breakfast began to topple, Taz let go of the towel and reached out with both hands trying to catch the tray as it fell from the screaming maid’s hands. Somehow, she must have hooked the towel with the rosebud vase on the tray because it along with the towel, went crashing to the floor a second later, leaving a stunned Taz standing naked as the day he was born only a foot in front of Rebecca. The look on the maid’s face was priceless as she got a full frontal look at Storm’s huge lover in all his naked glory.

Her mouth flew open and her eyes bugged out as she looked down to see Taz struggle in vain to hide his long flaccid cock with two hands. She stared for a few seconds in the utterly silent room and then looked up and began grinning. “Aye, Dios Mio,” she whispered into the now silent room as Taz’ feet were bathed in the syrup and juice which puddled on the carpet. Storm, from his position beside the bed, had only managed to pull his sweats up a second before Taz was bared before his maid, not that it would have made any difference at all, judging by the look on her face. The silver budvase mocked the silence as it swung in an arc back and forth on the metal tray, making a clicking sound and but for that, Storm could have heard a pin drop.  That was, before he started to giggle. Taz turned and shot him a dirty look as Rebecca continued to grin and that only caused Storm to laugh harder. Within seconds, Taz had spun back around and was addressing Rebecca, apologizing profusely.

“Oh, sorry ma’am,” Taz said, bending in half as he scrambled for his towel, lying on the floor, covered in orange juice. From Storm’s point of view, he got an amazing view of the most beautiful high bubble butt he’d ever seen. All Storm could think was how fortunate he was to have a lover as amazing as Taz.

“Meester Taz… ju are… MEESTER Taz!” Rebecca exclaimed, causing another burst of giggles to spring from Storm as he wholeheartedly agreed with whatever she was trying to say.

Taz managed to straighten to his full six and a half foot height with the dripping towel in his hand, slapping it in a circle back around his middle as fast as he could. Storm could hear the wetness hitting his skin from the sticky syrup and orange juice and he was pretty certain there would be another shower in the bodyguard’s near future. “Are you okay, Rebecca?” Taz asked the maid, reaching out to touch her elbow, once he’d tucked the offending cloth back around his waist, hiding his finest feature.

“Oh, jess, Meester Taz… ju are… okay, Meester Taz,” she said, waggling her eyebrows as she cocked her head to the side, grinning and nodding at his crotch.

Oh to be able to sell tickets. Storm was dying inside with laughter but he knew Taz was highly embarrassed at being caught not only in his room but flagrante delicto to boot, and he also knew if he bit his lower lip any harder, he was gonna draw blood. He stepped forward and did his best to rescue Taz. “It’s okay, Rebecca. Let us get dressed and you can clean up when we go downstairs,” he said, holding out his hand to take hers as she stooped to start picking up the sticky mess on the floor. Pancakes, syrup, silverware and juice were scattered all over the carpet. 

Gorgeous and uncut!

A monster cock and beautiful balls!

A cock in sweats!