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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free Read. "All I want for Christmas is my two hot men" MMM VERY short story... Happy holidays!

All I want for Christmas is my two hot men! Full story. Free exclusively on Smashwords in all formats!

All I want for Christmas is my two hot men!
By: Patricia Logan

Slade Devlin showered the sweat of the day away as he stood under the strong spray, letting the heat seep into his muscles, curing the aches he inevitably suffered after a long week working at Austin Plumbers. Slade was a master plumber and he spent his days climbing ladders, crawling under houses and sinks, and digging ditches to install sprinkler systems. It was a physical job but since Slade had little time to work out at a fancy gym, it kept his six and a half foot tall frame in pretty good shape. He rinsed his body of foamy soap bubbles and shut off the spray, stepping out onto the bathroom rug and reaching for a fluffy white towel. The bathroom was fogged and he dried off quickly, walking over to the bathroom sink where he reached out and wiped across the mirror. Slade was mostly happy with the reflection that stared back at him.

He was a tall man, well-muscled with wide shoulders but what he was most proud of was the colorful ink which liberally covered his arms from shoulders to wrist and his chest. He had nipple bars with pointed ends on either pec and he loved how they felt when someone was sucking on them. He stared into the obsidian dark eyes framed by long curling black lashes, reflected back in the mirror and he wondered why he hadn’t been able to catch the interest of the one man he really wanted. He cocked his head to the side, studying the thick dark hair which formed a widow’s peak on his forehead and was trimmed short at the sides. His square chin was stubbled with black hair and men had told him he was handsome. He shrugged his shoulders and turned away, tired of second guessing why Colt had no interest. Of course the man was practically married to a cowboy, that’s why, you idiot!

Slade hung up the towel and walked out of the bathroom and over to his desk, which sat in a corner of his room. His laptop was open and he had thrown a memory card into the machine and set it to download pictures right before jumping into the shower. He noted a box had come up on the screen telling him that all the pictures had been loaded. He reached for a pair of boxers and slipped them on before sitting down in the desk chair and touching his mouse. The instant he did, a whole lot of pictures appeared on the screen and Slade smiled to himself. He’d been waiting to enlarge one particular picture from the Christmas party which had been held the previous night at Austin Plumbers and he anxiously scanned the tiny thumbnails looking for exactly the photo he wanted. When he found it, his grin broadened. He hit the mouse and the picture opened.

On the screen was the man of his dreams, none other than Colt Anders, a six foot one, blond-haired, hunk of man with eyes the color of the Texas sky and the sweetest dimpled smile Slade had ever laid eyes on. Slade’s cock started to get hard as a wave of arousal shot through him just from looking at the man he wanted more than life itself. In the photo Slade had taken at the party the night before, Colt and his boyfriend, a handsome cowboy named Deuce with a shock of red-blond hair, gorgeous light eyes, and freckles, were making eyes at each other, standing under a sprig of mistletoe which hung from the ceiling above the two men. Their eyes were filled with happiness but the thing that struck Slade about the duo was the way they looked as though they matched each other, two pieces of the same puzzle which, when put together, formed a perfect union and was complete. Slade wanted to be a part of that more than anything he’d ever wanted in his life and when he’d snapped the photo the night before, even though he knew he was an outsider, he still fantasized that one day, he’d somehow fit into these men’s lives. The thought was crazy because according to Colt, they’d been together a long time, but wasn’t that what fantasies were all about? He reached down, feeling his cock begin to harden as he thought of what it would be like to be in bed with these two men.

Slade widened his stance as the two men he most wanted sunk to their knees in front of him. Deuce Billings and Colt Anders looked up at him with sly smiles as they reached out, taking his hard cock and low hanging balls in their hands. Colt’s blond hair was curling and soft as Slade reached out and ran his long fingers into the mop on the top of the man’s head. When he reached out and did the same to Deuce’s red blond head, the cowboy sighed. They were a living fantasy.

“I’ve been wantin’ to get my mouth around this for a long spell,” the cowboy drawled, looking down at Slade’s dick which he held in his hand. He pointed it toward his waiting mouth and opened his pretty lips, leaning in close and sliding them over the leaking tip. Slade hissed as Deuce’s tongue found the underside of his cock’s head and he flicked the tip lightly with the tip of his tongue, teasing it as he firmed his lips and sucked.

“Damn, cowboy, that’s hot. Yeah,” Slade gasped, “Suck me just like that.”

Colt grinned. “The man knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he?” Colt said, rolling Slade’s balls in his fist as he tugged lightly on the sac.

“Damn, doe he ever,” Slade breathed. He carded his fingers in Colt’s hair. “You like watching your boyfriend suck me off, man?”

Colt nodded, staring over at Deuce as he swallowed Slade’s precome and slid his lips further down the shaft, taking more of his cock into his mouth until the head of it bumped the back of his throat. Slade shuddered, loving the blowjob the hot cowboy gave him as Deuce sucked harder and harder, humming as Slade approached his orgasm.

“Let me have some of that, you greedy cowboy,” Cold said. Deuce looked over at him and smiled around Slade’s cock, pulling it out of his mouth with a ‘pop’ and holding it where Colt could lean in and suck the head inside. Slade’s cock was slick with Deuce’s spit as Colt sucked it in deep while Deuce moved to Slade’s balls, licking over the sac as Colt let it go.

“God!” Slade cried as he felt his orgasm begin. “Oh my God, I’m gonna come!” he tightened both fists in the men’s hair, pulling ever so gently as his climax was upon him. Just before he shot, Colt pulled his cock out of his mouth and held it in front of him with his mouth open. Deuce opened his mouth as well and grabbed Slade’s dick, covering his own boyfriend’s hand as the semen erupted from Slade’s slit.

“Jesus!” Slade shouted as he came, shooting a thick stream of white into Colt’s mouth. Colt’s pretty blue eyes gazed up at him as his mouth was filed with the milky spunk. Deuce moved in alongside quickly, and Slade shot again, this time filling Deuce’s open mouth with his come. He shuddered, letting his orgasm roll through him as he emptied his balls into the two waiting mouths.

“Ah! Ah!” Colt cried out and for the first time, Slade noticed he’d pulled his own cock out of his shorts and was pumping it hard as he swallowed Slade’s load. Come poured from the slit of his thick dick, shooting onto the floor in a puddle between his legs. Beside Colt, Slade was surprised to see Deuce’s dick in his own hand, as he furiously stroked it, even while swallowing the remnants of Slade’s spunk.

Deuce swallowed hard and convulsed as he cried out, adding his own streamers of spunk to the puddle of Colt’s on the floor as he came. “Comin’,” he shouted and Slade watched the pretty sight as the man of his fantasies come as well.

“Jesus, you two are every living Christmas fantasy come true,” Slade whispered through his gritted teeth as his orgasm finally eased.

Slade opened his eyes and looked down at the mess he’d made. He came back to reality, his hand covered in spunk from where he’d brought himself to orgasm at his desk as he stared at the photo he’d taken the night before. Something would have to happen between them soon, and he promised he’d make his fantasies come true.

Cause all I want for Christmas is my two hot men.

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It's that time of year again. Introducing... the Pornaments, a favorite for every tree this holiday season!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello lovelies! Today, Naughty Passions brings you sexy cowboys and an excerpt from "Buttermilk Ranch"... the story I've been working on all this month. I hope you enjoy cowboys as much as I do! Yee Haw!!!

Sexy country boy!

A sexy excerpt from "Buttermilk Ranch" MM Cowboy story... coming Aug. 29th and available on Pre-sale at Amazon now. Click the book link on the left side of the page.

Pace climbed into the truck and Dell shut the door to the cab. He watched through the windshield as the cowboy jogged around the front of the truck to the driver’s side door. He unlocked it and dove inside, covered with water and looking over at Pace with a smile. His white teeth glimmered in the darkness of the cab as water ran off the brim of his hat. Dell reached up and snatched the hat off his head, threw it in the back seat, and then scooted close to Pace. In seconds he’d pulled Pace into his arms and lowered his head, taking his mouth again. Pace was downright horny now. He put his hand on Dell’s wet T-shirt, feeling the divide between his defined pectoral muscles and felt his cock throbbing again. He could smell arousal in the car but he just relaxed his neck and his head lolled back on the seat as Dell continued to ply him with kisses. His tongue demanded more from Pace and Pace returned its thrust with his own. They kissed for several seconds before Dell suddenly pulled his mouth away from his. There was fire in his eyes and he’d never looked so sexy to Pace before that moment.

“Straddle me, baby,” Dell growled. His voice was low and filled with lust as he grabbed onto Pace’s waist, hoisting him over his lap in a straddle. Pace groaned, happy just to be along for the ride. He wound his arms around Dell’s neck as he knelt on either side of Dell’s powerful thighs. He watched as Dell’s gaze dropped to his mouth again. In seconds the huge cowboy was kissing him and this time, there was no doubt in Pace’s mind about what Dell had in mind. His kisses were demanding, claiming, and sexy as hell as his tongue warred with his own, stealing Pace’s breath away from him. The longer they kissed, the more Dell moaned. He’s gonna be a screamer in bed. How fucking sexy is that?

Dell’s hands ran up and down Pace’s back as he held him close, kissing the very life out of him. Knowing that Dell was very inexperienced made the whole encounter even more exciting. If he was this pent up, imagine what a fireball he was going to be when Pace finally got to take this cowboy for a spin… hell, he’d probably be riding Pace the way he rode that horse of his… hard. Oh my God, I’m going to come if he keeps at it. As much as it hurt to do so, Pace pulled back and broke the kiss, staring hard at Dell in the dark cab of the truck. Rain poured down the windows, hitting the roof and thunder clapped closer now. When a flash of lightening lit up the cab, Pace knew they needed to take this party somewhere else. Getting home in this was going to be bad enough but Austin was not built for flooding and the weatherman had predicted flash floods.

“We gotta go, lover. It’s gonna start flooding if it hasn’t already,” Pace said. Dell’s lips were swollen from his kisses and he imagined his must look the same.

“Fuck, you’re right, Pace. But I haven’t had enough of ya,” the cowboy drawled. Again, Pace noticed the graveled way his voice sounded with his passion.

“Then let’s not quit, cowboy. I want you hot and naked in my bed, Dell. I’ve wanted it since the moment I met you. Get us home,” Pace said. 

Just plain sexy!!!

This is what I'd like to see under them torn jeans....

Someone wears them shorts right. Yee Haw!

How Do You Do?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Welcome our BDSM boys to the blog today... and a couple of sexy excerpts from "Silver Linings" & "Worth"...

He looks like he's ready to go deep!

A XXX excerpt from "Worth"...

Worth was still holding his Dom’s cock and Michael was still large and throbbing in his hands. He began to stroke him up and down as he stared into the Dom’s eyes which were filled with lust.

“That’s right, Master. God, you feel so amazing in my hand. I want to feel you come by my hand, Master.” His words seemed to move Michael because he started to thrust into his hand as he bit his lower lip.

“You would do that for me, wouldn’t you, Worth? You would just give me pleasure because it would make me happy?” Michael’s breath came in pants and he groaned as Worth stroked him harder.

“Let me make you come, Master,” Worth whispered.

“Michael,” the Dom groaned, “Call me, Michael.”

Worth stared into Michael’s eyes and read the desire he was feeling. He stroked him harder, feeling Michael’s hot breath as his mouth dropped open. “Let me make you come, Michael,” he whispered.

“Ah… I’m so close, Worth,” he moaned.

“Come on, Michael.” Worth redoubled his efforts, jacking him hard and fast as Michael’s cock swelled in his hand.

“Coming, Worth!” Michael cried. Worth stroked him hard, looking down between them as spunk shot out of Michael’s dick and sprayed onto his belly in thick streamers. Michael groaned as Worth grinned, unable to stop the smile that spread across his face as he stroked him hard, milking the Dom’s orgasm from him as he shuddered over him. It took nearly a minute for him to wring the last of Michael’s climax from him but it felt so amazing to be able to do something that made his master happy. As Michael rolled off of him and flopped onto his back, Worth let go of his dripping cock. He looked down at his belly and chest. It was covered in white rivulets, puddling in places and Worth couldn’t remember feeling so amazing with come all over his skin in his whole life. Always before he’d felt as if the result of his Master’s climax was a punishment that he’d been forced to wear, sometimes until it dried in a crusty mess. Having Michael’s hot come on his body felt heavenly to Worth.

Someone likes to dress up!

It's almost Leather Week in London!

From "Silver Linings"...

“How do you want me to take you, Cassidy?” Zack asked between bites.

Cassidy looked over at his Dom, just a little surprised. “You’re asking me?”

Zack smiled at him and he could see the lust glittering in the dark orbs. “Yes. Sometimes… but don’t make a big deal out of it, Cass. It won’t be happening every time.”

Cassidy had somehow expected that answer and the growl in Zack’s voice was such a turn-on, he felt his cock begin to swell as he stared at him. Jesus, I’m the luckiest bastard on the planet. Cassidy knew how damned lucky he was to have found a man whom he could call soul mate. So few people ever did but he knew he had… every single goddamned time he looked at him.

“If that’s the case, Zack. I want my Dom in our bed tonight. I want you hot, hard, demanding… I want you to hold me down. I… I… may fight you, Sir...”

“You want me to work out your aggression?” Zack’s face was very serious.

Cassidy could see the Dominant rise to the surface in two point two seconds. He knew Zack loved seeing him capitulate to his demands and even more importantly, he loved doing just that.

“Yeah. The way I feel right now, Zack…”

“You want to hurt someone, don’t you?” Zack asked, though it wasn’t really a question. He’d nailed it.


Zack pushed his empty plate back and stood up, holding out his hand. “Come, boy. Let your Dom take care of that.”

Now, Master?

I'm ready for you, boy!

Push that boy into the bed, Master!

That's Some cock ring!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sexy bears on today's Naughty Passions!

Oh, please write me a ticket, officer bear!

Bears going bare are my favorite cross to bear!

Ohhh. A really fuzzy bear!

The perfect bear at work!

The perfect bear... from "Grit" Master's Boys, Book 4

The door opened and Jimmy McNamara walked in. Jimmy was as tall as a tree, towering over Zack’s height by several inches. Zack was well over six feet himself. Jimmy’s Scottish roots showed through in his height, his barrel chest and his bright blue eyes. His hair was buzzed into a short brown flat top but he had a full beard and a hairy chest, back and arms, a true fuzzy bear in every sense of the word. Tasteful tribal tattoos circled both biceps, just peeking out from under his tight tee shirt which covered his thickly muscled midsection like a second skin. Jimmy wasn’t fat by any means but he was a very meaty man. He wore tight black leather pants and thick silver rings in both ears. He looked like he walked right off the boulevard at the Folsom Street Fair, a massive leather and fetish fair held every year in San Francisco at the end of September. Zack liked his ready smile and his jovial personality more than anything. He walked right up to Zack’s desk, that charming grin plastered on his face, and reached out his hand, dwarfing Zack’s large hand in his bigger mitt. Zack detected the light fragrance of the Cuban cigars the bear liked to smoke on his time off. It was somehow attractive, unlike the cigarette smoke a past receptionist had clinging to her all the time.

Gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin is one sexy Hawaii Five-O bear!

Gingers are sooo pretty!

I'd be stroking that too!